How to check images on TikTok?

Derek Thomson
Derek Thomson © France 24

“Victims” of Russia’s war in Ukraine who mysteriously move while being filmed? That’s according to a recent post on TikTok. It’s not true, but how do you prove it? 


Pro-Russian accounts on social media frequently publish posts suggesting that Ukraine is “faking” the war. 

One recent post on TikTok showed a video of a TV reporter doing a live shot in front of rows of body bags. One of the “bodies” can be seen moving. The caption said the journalist was talking about casualties during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, and said “Don’t trust media.” 

But it turns out the video was filmed before the invasion and had nothing to do with the war. 

For France's Media Week in Schools 2023, the FRANCE 24 Observers have produced a special edition of "Truth or Fake", in four parts. 

In this episode, learn four steps to help you find the original context of a photo or video, on TikTok or any other social media platform.