#QuitMyJob: Americans share their resignations during Covid-19 on TikTok

Allison Peck shared videos of her experience quitting her job on TikTok.
Allison Peck shared videos of her experience quitting her job on TikTok. © Observers

Fed up with difficult working hours, inflexibility or simply a lack of passion for their current profession, a huge number of Americans have been turning in their resignations since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. In August, an unprecedented 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs – and they're among 20 million others who have quit since April 2021. 


This flood of people quitting their jobs in the US has been coined "The Great Resignation". Whether they're choosing to quit the corporate world to follow their passions, or simply want a job with better benefits and flexibility, many Americans have made the leap to change careers during the pandemic. 

It was the comfort of working from home since the start of Covid-19 that made Allison Peck realise she wanted something different from the workplace. When her company announced a return to the office, she quit and found another job with remote working possibilities. 

Peck is one of many who are sharing their resignation journey on TikTok, using hashtags like #QuitMyJob and #GreatResignation. 

When people were sheltered in place and working from home in quarantine at the beginning of the pandemic, I think a lot of people lost their jobs because production had to ramp down. But now, it's going in the other direction, where things are ramping back up again. People are starting to go back to work and they aren't going back to the same jobs as before. I think people are starting to realise that, with Covid, life is precious, life is short. 

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