How to send us your photos and videos

There are several ways to send us your photos or videos, depending on the size of your files.

1. By email or Facebook

If your photos or videos are less than 3 MB, the easiest thing to do is to send us an email with your images attached. Here’s our address:

You can also send us your photos or videos using Facebook. Just go to the Observers page and send us a direct message, including your files.

2. By using the Observers app for iPhone and Android

Download the Observers app on the App Store or Google Play. Once you have the app downloaded and are logged in, you can use it to send us any photos that you take with your smartphone directly.

3. By using a free instant messaging service

There are two different free messaging apps that you can use to send our team the videos and photos that you take with your smartphone. You can also chat with our journalists using these apps especially if you want to give us minute-by-minute updates on a scene you are witnessing.

WhatsApp: for iOS or Android

Viber: for iOS or Android
To contact us using these apps, use this number: +33 6 30 93 41 36

Once you have installed one of these apps on your phone, you can send photos or videos from one cell phone to another for free (as long as you have a cellular connection or WiFi).

You can also exchange messages instantly and chat directly with us using these services.

4. For large videos (5 MB or more)

If you have a good internet connection, the best way to send us large files is by using the free website WeTransfer.

You can use WeTransfer to send us up to 2 gigabytes of data. All you have to do is click on “add files” and upload your photos or videos, then enter your email address and the email address of the recipient (in this case, us: Click on “Transfer” and wait until all of the files are fully uploaded (this may take some time, especially if your internet connection is slow and/or your files are big.) You’ll get a confirmation email from WeTransfer when our team has received and downloaded your files.

You can also use Google Drive to send us large files.

Do you want to contact us confidentially?

If you are worried that your communications are being monitored or spied on, create a new email address (using a fake name) and contact us at our email address:

We’ll get back to you with precise information on how to communicate with us in a safe and secure manner.

If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us: