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Did this Israeli politician pretend to get the Covid-19 vaccination?

Beni Ben Muvchar, leader of the regional council in Mevoot Hermon in Israel, has been accused of faking his Covid-19 vaccination.
Beni Ben Muvchar, leader of the regional council in Mevoot Hermon in Israel, has been accused of faking his Covid-19 vaccination. © Observers
Text by: Alexandre Capron
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Anti-vaxxers – people who disagree with the use of vaccines – have recently been sharing a video online that they say shows a local Israeli politician pretending to get the Covid-19 vaccination. A nurse holds the syringe up to his arm as if to give him the vaccine, though you can’t see the needle. During the entire encounter, the politician is speaking to the assembled cameras. Turns out, even though this video was staged, the politician did get vaccinated and there is another video to prove it. 


One of the most popular postings of this video garnered 2.8 million views on Facebook and was shared 72,000 times. The caption, written in French, reads: "How far will the lie go. Look closely, I beseech you, there isn’t a needle or any pressure. Judge for yourself." 

Many vaccine sceptics say that this video offers proof that politicians themselves don’t have faith in the Covid-19 vaccine. 


Proof that this politician actually did get vaccinated 

The man you see in the video is named Beni Ben Muvchar. He leads the regional council in Mevoot Hermon, located in Israel’s Northern District. He went to get his vaccine at the Clalit Health Services Group Hospital in Kiryat Shmona on December 23, 2020. During his visit, Muvchar let a hospital employee make a short video of him for the hospital’s social media channels so that the politician could thank healthcare workers and encourage others to get vaccinated, according to a report by Israeli media outlet Makorrishon. For the purposes of the video, a nurse pretends to give him the vaccine.

However, Muvchar had already gotten his Covid-19 vaccine before this video was filmed.  In an effort to address the rumours that he hadn’t actually been vaccinated, Muvchar posted another video to his Facebook page showing him actually being vaccinated. 

Muvchar was frank in an interview with Israeli media outlet Makorrishon.

"I understand that opponents to the vaccine are happy about this video, but I wanted to inform them that I am already on the waiting list to get the second dose of the vaccine and I am calling on everyone to go get vaccinated to fight Covid-19."

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