India: meet the "Spider-Man of Bangalore"

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Meet the ‘Spiderman of Bangalore’ who risks his life to save trapped cats, dogs, monkeys and more.

Asrar Khan Usmani, 22, has scaled walls, climbed into drainage pipes and gone into collapsed buildings – all to save the lives of animals in Bangalore, India. A certified animal healer and a surgeon’s assistant at the Cessna Lifeline Veterinary Hospital, Usmani is known around the neighbourhood and online as “Spiderman” for his impressive climbing feats.

He has rescued cats, dogs, birds, monkeys, and more, but what has made Usmani famous is courageously climbing up buildings to save animals trapped in difficult places. Usmani said that people prefer to call him rather than the fire fighters because he knows how to communicate with animals and keep them calm, avoiding injuries.

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