In Lithuania, they’ve taken pandemic entertainment to the next level with a series of drive-in concerts.

Since April 24, the tarmac of Paluknys Airport, south of Vilnius, has been host to a series of concerts that reflect these extraordinary times. The musicians perform on stage but the concert-goers have to dance as best as they can while sitting in their cars. Instead of breaking into applause at the end of a number, they honk their horns or flash their lights.

Lithuanian events company Showart has been organising the drive-in concerts with permission from the authorities. Concert-goers are strictly banned from getting out of their cars to ensure that they maintain the proper social distance to prevent transmission of Covid-19.
It was a real challenge to make this type of event possible, while both generating revenue and offering the best concert experience possible. Along with health concerns, we also had to think about the sound quality. Ultimately, we decided to broadcast the concert on a special radio channel that people could pick up in their cars. The artists were skeptical at first, but after the first concert, everyone was more than satisfied with the result!

The trend is catching on. Drive-in concerts have also been organized in Denmark and Germany.