A Filipino couple eating bat soup in Wuhan? Nope, YouTubers in Palau

Screengrab from a video viewed thousands of times on YouTube.
Screengrab from a video viewed thousands of times on YouTube.


Videos showing Asian people eating bat soup are circulating widely on social networks, with captions suggesting that eating bats is a possible source of the Chinese coronavirus outbreak. Most of the videos were filmed thousands of kilometers from China, and have no documented link to the outbreak of the virus.

The France 24 Observers team investigated four of the most-shared "bat soup" videos that have circulated since the epidemic was declared in Wuhan, China.

 Here is one of the videos:

This video that was widely circulated on social media shows a man and a woman eating a bat while speaking together in Tagalog, the language spoken in the Philippines. “Filipinos eat bat soup in Wuhan and could be infected”, reads the caption on one of the postings of this video.

Several different Filipino Facebook pages shared the video and got hundreds of thousands of views. Quite a few of these posts included racist comments about either Chinese people or Fillipinos.

We ran screengrabs of this video through a reverse image search (click here to find out how) and pulled up several postings of this video. The earliest post that we pulled up (“Fruit bat soup. Traditional soup in Palau”) was uploaded to YouTube in July 2019 by the Filipino couple who filmed it. They recently uploaded another video apologising for sharing a “shocking” video.

For the complete investigation, see below. 

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Article by Liselotte Mas