A video that has been shared massively on Twitter since it was posted on 10 December shows a girl lying on her front on the ground firing a gun. The account who posted it, @Skiplols, says the girl in the video is the climate activist Greta Thunberg. Even if they do look alike, the person with their finger pulling the trigger is not Thunberg. The video has been seen more than 930,000 times.

The girl does look like Greta Thunberg – but there are certain clues that should arouse your suspicion, some of which were pointed out by people in the comments. For one, she has long fingernails wearing red nail varnish, which would be unlike Greta's normal style. Not enough to debunk the video, for sure – but enough to make you think twice and check a bit further.

The best way of checking further? Doing a reverse image search. We took a screen capture of the video, carried out a reverse image search, and soon found a Twitter account for a Swedish woman interested in guns and shooting. We got in touch with @eslinge to ask her to confirm that it was her in the video, and her answer was unequivocal.

She even started tweeting about it herself.

Greta Thunberg has recently been mocked by the President of the United States after she was named TIME Magazine's Person of the Year earlier in the week. Donald Trump tweeted that the 16 year old needed to work "on her anger management problem" and watch a film with a friend. Greta immediately clapped back at the president by changing her Twitter profile: