Achour Aghroud and Imad Idjennadene left Algiers on September 25, 2019 to complete a 7,000-kilometre bike trip around Algeria. They hope to raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage other Algerians to discover what their country has to offer.

Since September, the two 36-year-olds from Béjaïa, a city east of Algiers, have been following their dreams of visiting their country by bike. They both quit their respective jobs to go on this journey.

A team with a truck is following them to help transport camping material and repair their bikes if needed. The two cyclists are aiming to complete a total distance of 7,000 kilometres, divided into 70 different steps.

On the road, they've been filming landscapes, cities and people they meet. They're also planting a tree at each stop with the help of residents, local NGOs or schools.

In this week's show, Achour Aghroud and Imad Idjennadene explain the reasons behind their trip around Algeria.