Social media in West Africa has been buzzing with a video showing a group of dock workers brazenly stealing the wheels off a car. Some of the people who shared the video claimed that it was filmed in Lomé, Togo, while others said it was in Douala, Cameroon. But it turns out that the attempted robbery actually took place thousands of kilometres away from either of those locations.

"I want to condemn the theft of car parts and car contents at the port in Lomé, Togo, as shown in this video,” read a message that the France 24 Observers team received on October 19.

People were also sharing the video online in Cameroon, claiming that it was filmed at the port in Douala. The post below was viewed more than 9,000 times on Facebook. Another post, now taken down, was shared more than 1,900 times.

Video posted on Facebook on October 13 (archived here).

However, if you put this video into InVid and run a reverse image search (click here to find out how), you will see that it was actually filmed in Maputo, Mozambique.

Local media outlet O Pais reported that the port authorities in Maputo confirmed the authenticity of the video, which they said showed the attempted robbery of parts from several imported Japanese cars. They added that those responsible were a group of dock workers, whom port security identified from surveillance footage. The car parts never left the storage area, according to port authorities.