For the 400th episode of “The Observers”, airing from September 14, we’ve produced a special broadcast showing how we work with our 5,000 Observers around the world. Learn more about how our team of journalists in Paris interact with amateur contributors and verify the photos and videos they send us.

Part 2: verifying online images

Working with amateur contributors entails verifying the photos and videos they send in, whether they took them themselves or found them via social media. Before publishing any image, the Observers team in Paris uses human and technical verification techniques to establish when and where it was taken, and if possible, by whom.

For our 400th broadcast, Ershad Alijani explains how he fact-checked a video from Iranian state TV that was sent to us for verification.

In Part 1 of The Observers #400 special, Maëva Poulet explains how we work with our Observers, and how she produced a report with Eliezaire Ushindi, from Goma, DR Congo.

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