For the 400th episode of 'The Observers', airing from September 14, we’ve produced a special broadcast showing how we work with our 5,000 Observers around the world. Learn more about how our team of journalists in Paris interact with amateur contributors and verify the photos and videos they send us.

'The Observers' has been on the air since May 2009. In the 400 episodes we’ve produced since then, we’ve presented first-person accounts from people on six of the world’s seven continents (no one from Antarctica – yet). They have told us in their own words about events that are happening in their community.

Part 1: how we work with our Observers

We receive dozens of messages each day from our Observers around the world; by email, Facebook and WhatsApp. Journalist Maëva Poulet tells us how we decide which leads to pursue, and how our viewers become Observers. She explains the three golden rules for an Observers topic:

  1. Visual element – the report should have photos and/or videos.
  2. Images that can be verified – we should know the date, the place and if possible the author.
  3. Significant issue – one that impacts a community, region or country.

In Part 1 of The Observers #400 special, Maëva Poulet explains how we work with our Observers, and how she produced a report with Eliezaire Ushindi, from Goma, DR Congo.

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