The Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo has killed more than 1,500 people since last August. On the ground, response teams are not only working to contain the epidemic but must also confront violent attacks and widespread distrust among local communities. Our Observers in the region have analysed and documented the situation on the ground.

Umbo Salama, a blogger; Sammy Mupfuni, a reporter for the fact-checking site Congo Check; Janvier Kathembo, a nurse who witnessed an attack; and Charly Mathekis, a teacher, break down the fears and confusion surrounding Ebola in our report, "Ebola in DR Congo: An Epidemic of Rumours."

This special edition, presented by the France 24 Observers, takes a deeper look at the locals who believe Ebola is a hoax and introduces viewers to the medical teams combating the virus.

"Ebola in DR Congo: An Epidemic of Rumours" was produced by Liselotte Mas and Maëva Poulet.