Amanda Deibert, a TV and comic book writer, asked a simple question on Twitter: What do women carry with them when they go running outside?

Her tweet soon went viral, as hundreds of women shared tips and photos of the items they bring to protect themselves from potential attacks. It was just another reminder of the many risks women can face even when going on mundane activities like a quick jog in the streets -- or, as Deibert put it, "in case you wondered what being a woman is like".

Many users wrote that they carried pepper spray, small gadgets with a hidden blade or very loud alarm key chains. Others said they kept their keys between their knuckles in case they needed to defend themselves.

Some women also shared photos of their dogs, which they said helped ward off potential attackers.

"It makes me sad that it is so common for us as women to feel the need to take extra safety measures, but ultimately I feel like discussing it is a good thing," Deibert told Buzzfeed News.