In 2018, we produced 30 episodes of our weekly show. That's nearly 90 reports from our Observers around the world. Here are three of them.

Djibouti to Saudi Arabia: a little-known migrant route

In October 2018, we received a rare first-person account from an Ethiopian hoping to cross the Red Sea to a better life in Saudi Arabia.

Tens of  thousands of East Africans attempt the dangerous passage every year, many of them not knowing that to get to Saudi Arabia they must pass through Yemen, which is embroiled in war. The man who spoke to our Observer was stranded in Djibouti before even reaching the Red Sea, abandoned by the human smugglers who had been transporting him.

On a skyscraper in Malaysia - with no harness

In May 2018, a video showing workers on a skyscraper in Malaysia went viral. They were putting up scaffolding with no safety harnesses. Sumitha Kishna, of the Malaysian NGO Migrant Worker Group, told us about the unsafe conditions faced by many migrant workers from countries like Indonesia and Bangladesh. The rate of accidental workplace deaths in Malaysia is 4.8 per 100,000 workers - four times higher than in neighbouring Singapore

In Gaza, amputees form a football team

The "team of champions" in Gaza is made up of players who have lost an arm or a leg to Israeli bombardmenbts. They meet every Monday at a municipal football ground to practise.

Since the summer, two other amputee teams have formed in Gaza. The founders of the "team of champions" hope one day to create a Palestinian team to participate in international tournaments. They were hoping to register at the Amputee Football World Cup in Mexico in November, but were unable to get a visa.