Kenyan immigration officials on Thursday expelled a Chinese businessman “on racism grounds” after the emergence of a video in which he uttered a series of racist insults during a conversation with a Kenyan employee.

The two and half minute video – apparently filmed without the man’s knowledge - surfaced on Twitter and other social networks on Wednesday. “Everyone, every Kenyan… (is) like a monkey. Even Uhuru Kenyatta,” the man says, referring to the country’s president.

“I don’t belong to here. I don’t like here. Like a monkey people. I don’t like to talk with them. Smell is bad. And poor, and foolish and black.”

Asked why he comes to Kenya to make money, he replies: “Money is important.”

The video caused a storm of protest online. One user wrote: “If you have information like contacts or business premises in regard to this Racist Chinese, kindly send it to Immigration. General Kihalangwa will definitely do something.”

The Department of Immigration Services, headed by Major-General Gordon Kihalangwa, re-tweeted that message, and early Thursday announced that the Chinese national had been arrested and would be deported.

A few hours later, the department tweeted a photograph showing the man at a security screening post, saying he had been deported.

A spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in Nairobi, Zhang Gang, told the AFP that the businessman “has already been punished by his company for his wrongdoing and apologised to his Kenyan colleague". He said the man’s employer had indicated the video was filmed in June.

Some Kenyan web users suggested the man should have been prosecuted and punished in Kenya before being deported.