South Africans parody man who used racist slur in viral video

Screen grabs from the videos below.
Screen grabs from the videos below.


A white South African provoked outrage on social media after he posted a video in which he calls black people “kaffirs”, a racist insult that was commonly used under apartheid. In response, South African Internet users launched a parody campaign on Twitter.

The man has been identified as Adam Catzavelos. In his video posted Wednesday, he films himself on a beach, commenting, “Blue skies, beautiful bay, amazing sea, not one ‘kaffir’ in sight. F***ing heaven on earth. You cannot beat this!”

According to South African media outlets, Catzavelos was fired from his job at his family’s business. His family put out a statement saying they were “appalled” by the video and “rejected racism in any form”, and temporarily closed the business “for the protection of all of its staff”. Nike, which employs Catzavelos’ wife, closed some of its stores in South Africa as a precautionary measure.

On Thursday, Internet users began ridiculing Catzavelos' video with their own parody videos using the hashtag #AdamCatzavelosChallenge.

In South Africa, the term “kaffir” is considered so offensive that it is often referred to as the “k-word.” In March, a white South African woman was sentenced to two years in prison for hurling the racial slur at a black police officer.