This video does NOT show ‘Muslims attacking cars in Birmingham’

Screen grabs from the video below.
Screen grabs from the video below.

An amateur video filmed at night shows a very violent scene: a crowd attacks cars driving down a street, using batons and even throwing safety barriers in front of the vehicles. It’s being shared on Facebook and Whatsapp with messages claiming that the video was filmed in Birmingham and that the attackers were Muslims trying to shut down the road, and that this somehow related to Ramadan. But that’s totally false.

The video seems to have been mainly shared by people living in India, where fake videos about Muslims frequently go viral. Indian fact-checkers like Boom Live and Alt News quickly flagged the video as false.

Many versions of the same (false) story were shared on Facebook. 


The video was also shared on YouTube by French internet users, but in this version, the description claimed that the footage showed migrants attacking cars in the city of Metz, France.


This is not true either. And here’s why: a reverse image search (learn how to do one here) turns up articles about the video and what it really shows. It was filmed in Switzerland on May 19, after a football game in the city of Basel. That evening, according to Swiss media, hooligans from Zurich faced off with hooligans from Basel, and fought in the middle of the street.


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