The eruption of Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano on Thursday and the subsequent lava flows have been captured in spectacular videos, filmed both by local residents and authorities.

Kilauea volcano is located on Hawaii’s main island. It has been oozing lava for about 35 years, but it experienced a major eruption on Thursday. This was followed by a magnitude 6.9 earthquake on Friday.

Since then, 1,200-degree-Celcius molten lava has kept spurting up from the ground through multiple fissures, some of them miles from the volcano’s summit. The flows have destroyed at least 35 buildings so far – most of them houses. No deaths have been reported, but nearly 2,000 people have had to evacuate their homes.

Smoke billowing from Kilauea volcano. Video by Jake Rich via Storyful

Since the area is a designated risk zone, homeowners are unlikely to have insurance that will cover lava damage.

Scientists who have been monitoring the situation through drone-mounted heat sensors say that lava pattern is shrinking, but that it is impossible to predict what will happen next. According to geologists, the current seismic activities most closely resemble those that led to a major eruption in 1955, which lasted about three months.

A lava flow crosses a street. Video shared on Facebook by Jasmine Kupihea. 

Lava in Leilani Estates, an area from which residents have been evacuated. 

An aerial view of a fissure in Leilani. Estates. Video by Mick Kalber/Paradise Helicopters. 

An aerial view of lava spurting from a fissure in Leilani Estates. Video by the Hawaii Army National Guard.

A fissure captured at night. Video shared by Lava News on Facebook. 

The lava has destroyed cars parked in its way. Video shared on Facebook by Lava News.

A veritable river of lava. Video shared by Travis Sanders on Facebook.

This resident filmed a line of cars of evacuated residents heading back to clear more belongings out of their homes while authorities indicated it was still safe to do so.