Chinese driving school makes students put phones on line

Amateur photo published on the 哈哈李啊 Weibo account.
Amateur photo published on the 哈哈李啊 Weibo account.


A driving teacher in China is using an unorthodox method to get his students to drive with more care. He calls it the “fatal blow” method. Basically, students have to manoeuvre the car with skill or risk crushing their smartphones... or those of their classmates.

An amateur video documenting this unique technique was posted on April 10 on the Beijing Time YouTube channel. It was filmed at “Jade horse” driving school in Dezhou, a town located 300 kilometres south of Beijing in China’s Shandong province.

"My legs are shaking,” admits one student, climbing out of the car after her test.

In less than a month, this new, intense technique has already born fruit, according to the head of the driving school. “This method makes student drivers more conscientious,” the school’s director told Chinese media.

He also claimed that the students came up with this method themselves. Chinese media reported that, so far, no smartphone has been damaged.


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