Donald Trump’s behaviour is so unpredictable that many people would not find it so hard to believe he could  physically attack another politician. A video widely shared on social networks these past days shows Trump hitting the face of a man that internet users described as the mayor of Mexico City, Miguel Angel Mancera.

The video circulating online and billed as Trump fighting "Mexico City's mayor". 
The video lasts one minute. Trump shakes hands with a man who then starts to provoke him by playing with Trump’s tie and flicking him on the nose. Trump responds by hitting the man in the face, while people around them cheer. 

In many postings of the video, this man is described as the “mayor of Mexico”, notably by a French internet user whose post was shared thousands of times, but also by a page run by Afghan journalists in Herat whose post was shared nearly 400 times.

In French as well as in Persian, the legend read: “When Trump fights the mayor of Mexico City.” This footage was even relayed by some Mexican internet users with the following caption: “Trump physically attacks the mayor, and nobody talks about it!”


Why this video’s caption is false

When the camera zooms out, you can see the word “Wrestlemania” written on a banner in the background - a term familiar to most Amerians, but not to the rest of the world. If you do a simple Google search with the keywords “Trump” and “Wrestlemania”, you’ll see several videos of Donald Trump facing off with the same man, named here as Vince McMahon. By then searching for “Trump” and “Vince McMahon”, you’ll easily find the origins of this pseudo-fight.

The video has been circulating for several years on Facebook and Twitter. During the US presidential campaign in 2016, it was shared tens of thousands of times, notably by Brazilian social media accounts with the caption “Trump hits a man and flees”.

But the scene actually took place in 2007 during the “Battle of the Ballionaires”, an event put on by Wrestlemania, a famous American wrestling competition. Trump, who at the time was just a businessman, was invited to this “battle” and pretended to fight with McMahon, who is absolutely not the mayor of Mexico City – he’s a renowned wrestling promoter.

The quality of the video means that it’s hard to get a good look at McMahon’s face. However, if you compare his face to that of Mancera, the actual mayor of Mexico City, the difference is clear!

On the left, Miguel Ángel Mancera. On the right, Vince McMahon.