A video showing a young man falling from a height of several metres in an airport has been circulating online, with the caption claiming that he was a Saudi prince who committed suicide at London's Heathrow airport.

In the video, several witnesses can be seen looking visibly shocked. The footage was shared on social media and on Algerian websites with the following caption:

Saudi Prince Bandar bin Khalid bin Abdul Aziz Saoud committed suicide at London airport on Monday as British officials attempted to deport him from the UK.


Why this is false

So how can we find out if this story is true? The first thing to do is ask whether Prince Bandar bin Khalil bin Abdul Aziz Saoud actually exists.

A quick search online shows that he does. And it also leads to articles, in English, that indicate he is dead. The Saudi royal cabinet announced that he died on March 12, but the statement does not reveal the circumstances in which he died.

In the video you can’t see the man clearly enough to compare him to photos of the prince.

Example of one of the articles through which this story circulated.

So the next step is to use a video verification tool to check whether the video might have been taken out of context. You can use the free browser plugin Invid on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to do a reverse image search on a video, whether it’s published on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

When you search for this video, you’ll quickly learn that this scene did not take place in London, but rather in the US at Atlanta airport on February 28.

The man, as it turned out, was not at all a Saudi prince: he was a young man who reportedly had been intoxicated and got into a disagreement with another passenger prior to his fall, according to local media reports. He survived after he was taken to hospital and treated for injuries.

Article written with
Alexandre Capron

Alexandre Capron , Journaliste francophone