The liberal political party in power in Belgium posted a project submitted to its website by a user calling for the “extermination of ‘our homeless people’ and refugees” on March 5. The publication was met with widespread shock. The party claimed it was a “technical error”.

In the run-up to local elections set for October 2018, the Belgian Reformist Movement (In French, Le Mouvement réformateur, or MR) invited followers to post political propositions on its website. One person jumped on the opportunity to call for the killing of refugees and homeless people.

The text, which was written in French, has been preserved in screengrabs made before it was deleted.

"Do you really endorse this kind of proposition in the public space? If yes, good luck with your tango on the brink of the abyss. If no, you need to urgently get your web team back in line.. #Fascism," says this Belgian politician.

"In order to be able to respond to the demands of the population, In order to be able to resolve the problems caused by the blossoming of political debates [about] supporting homeless people and refugees, I propose the extermination of [these] two pests because they create insecurity in our town. Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote MR!"

Some social media users and members of the opposition were especially concerned about the tone of this text, considering that Belgium is currently locked in political debate about migration. A bill currently under discussion by representatives would allow security forces to carry out raids looking for undocumented migrants in the homes of Belgians known to offer shelter to migrants and refugees.

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The MR party told the Belgian press that the post ended up on their site due to a “technical error” as there was a lack of control over the comments left by citizens: “All of the projects suggested by citizens were published before validation […] These values obviously run counter to those defended by our party”.

"We obviously don’t endorse these kinds of statements. The remark was deleted," says head of communication at Reformist movement.