Moscow has gotten more snow this year than it has in decades. City workers are tasked with the huge job of clearing all that snow, which takes a considerable amount of time. But certain Muscovites have figured out a way to get the snow in their neighbourhood cleared more quickly – by writing in it the name of Alexei Navalny, the main opponent of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The idea was first suggested by journalist Mikhail Kozyev in a Facebook post published on February 8, reported the BBC. Tatyana Grigoryeva, who is part of a neighbourhood association in Moscow’s Nagorny neighbourhood, decided to give his suggestion a try. She penned Navalny’s name in green paint in the snow.

A few hours later, she posted a video on the Facebook group of her neighbourhood association. It showed two municipal workers using a shovel to clear the snow where Navalny’s name had been written. Another resident reported that it took the city workers just four hours to intervene, which locals said was a remarkably short time for this kind of operation.

Other Moscow residents gleefully copied this tactic. According to Grigoryeva, the snow still hasn’t been cleared in some neighbourhoods… but city workers did come and cover up Navalny’s name with more snow.

Putin refuses to say his enemy’s name, preferring to call him “that person” when he is asked about him. Navalny declared his candidacy for the presidential election set for March 2018 but it was declared invalid.