A video showing Ivanka Trump giving a speech subtitled in Arabic has been circulating widely on Arabic-language social media since February 11. But there’s a problem. The subtitles have nothing to do with what the daughter of the US president is actually saying.

The video, which is titled 'Ivanka explains for the first time what really happened to her in Saudi Arabia', was shared more than 5 million times on Facebook. If one were to believe the Arabic subtitles that appear at the bottom of the video, they would think that Ivanka said that Saudi men were “obsessed by women’s bodies and sex.”

خطاب إيفانكا ترامب مع الترجمة المسيئة للسعودية

Translation of the subtitles in Arabic at the bottom of the video: “I was surprised when I went to Saudi Arabia. I realised that my father was a genius compared to them [the Saudis] (…) We met people who were obsessed by women’s beauty, by their bodies and by sex (…). They forgot Trump and they only had eyes for Ivanka. An emir told me: ask and you shall receive my beauty (…). By bringing me with him, my father obtained everything that he wanted. It was an entertaining trip; I realized that my father wasn’t actually that dumb. On the return visit, he asked me, did anyone touch you? If someone had touched me, I would have asked him to bring American aircraft carriers to wipe Saudi Arabia from the map!”

Obviously, these subtitles have nothing to do with Ivanka’s real speech. In actuality, the footage is from June 16, 2015; Ivanka was promoting her father, who was going to announce his candidacy for US president.

الخطاب الكامل لإيفانكا ترامب وهي تقدم والدها يوم إعلان ترشحه لرئاسة الولايات المتحدة

This fake news was first reported by the Saudi fact-checking website No Rumors.