A video filmed by a policeman’s body camera shows a man bursting into flames right after the officer uses a Taser to subdue him. At the same time as this, another police officer sprayed the man with tear gas, which is highly flammable.

The video, which was filmed in July 2013, only emerged online Tuesday. The person who appears to have first posted it on Facebook has since deleted it, but it had already been copied and shared widely both on social networks and in the French media.

The scene takes place in Paris at Place de la Nation. The man in the video, who has blood on his arms when the footage begins, yells insults and waves his fist in the face of the policeman whose body camera is filming. Several other police officers are also on the scene.

After a few minutes, the police officers decide to arrest him. The man starts to move towards an officer, who hits him in the leg with a baton. (This scene takes place at 0'30 minutes in the video below). That’s when an officer Tases him and another sprays tear gas at him at the same time, which results in him bursting into flames.

WARNING: This video may shock viewers.

The officers quickly put out the fire, and the officer whose body camera is filming can be heard trying to make sure he is okay, all the while yelling at his colleagues about refraining from using tear gas.

On Tuesday, a spokesman for the police told French TV station franceinfo that the man in the video was not badly hurt. The incident resulted in an internal investigation, the results of which led to no action being taken against any of the police officers present that day.