For the past decade, we’ve been covering international news through photos and videos posted by people just like you on social media. That’s why, for our 10th anniversary, we are making the celebration all about our readers and contributors! That means we’re celebrating YOU!

This week marks the France 24 Observers 10th anniversary. During all those years, you’ve been sending us your stories, your photos and your videos. You’ve been reaching out to us to share information about what is happening in your city and your neighbourhood.

Thanks to you, your photos, your videos, your tips, your stories and your analysis, we cover international news by telling the stories behind the headlines.

In the past ten years, we’ve collaborated with around 5,000 Observers. In total, there are 100,000 people subscribed to our site. Our Observers come from all over the world; they have different faiths, they speak different languages and they come from vastly different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

This week, we’ve invited four of our most dedicated Observers to Paris for our 10th anniversary celebrations. Together, these four superstars will represent our global body of Observers:

Fatoumata Chérif, an Observer from Guinea, is an activist

Guilherme Pimentel, an Observer from Brazil, focuses on police violence

Charly Kasereka, an Observer from the Democratic Republic of Congo, helps give us a window into life in the province of North Kivu (often in collaboration with his buddy, Alain Wandimoyi)

Mohamed al-Saeedi, an Observer from Saudi Arabia, has contributed to more articles than any other Observer

Our four Observers guests are slated to make a few special appearances on the France 24 TV channels. We’ll post updates on our Facebook page, so stay tuned! We’ll also be broadcasting a special anniversary edition of our show on January 6.

"We can only imagine all of this thanks to your trust and commitment. So thank you!”

Derek Thomson, the editor-in-chief of the Observers, takes a look back at the past decade.

The Observers was launched the same year as the very first iPhone. In the past ten years, smartphones have totally changed the game. And the number of people with access to smartphones just keeps going up. For example, it’s estimated that, by 2020, there will be more than 720 million smartphones in use across the African continent.

Over the past ten years, our global body of France 24 Observers has become a precious resource for news and information. Our show has become one of the most beloved on France 24.

On many occasions, our Observers have helped us to be the very first to cover important international news events. Again and again, your photos and testimonies have allowed us to tell stories that no other journalist has yet been able to report on the ground. Today, when news starts happening somewhere across the globe, we get hundreds of messages on WhatsApp and Telegram.

Today, the Observers is made up of a unique network of 5,000 trusted contributors from five different continents. All of them share our commitment to defending the freedom to information, in the interest of serving the common good.

The France 24 Observers team (from left to right): Alexandre Capron, Chloé Lauvergnier, Ershad Alijani, Gaëlle Faure, Derek Thomson, Liselotte Mas, Corentin Bainier and Djamel Belayachi. Our team also includes Brenna Daldorph, Catherine Bennett, Dorothée Myriam Kellou, Maëva Poulet, Sarra Grira, and Imed Bensaied.

In the future, we hope to build our network of contacts in Latin America. We are also working on other projects, including a new show especially developed for our viewers in French-speaking Africa, who are our most dedicated viewers and contributors.

We are also thinking about building a website aimed at informing citizen journalists how to take better photos and videos with their phones. We would also teach people about the dangers of sharing false information.

We can only imagine all of this because of your trust and commitment. Now more than ever - so thank you!

Nothing would be possible without you. This show is yours and we thank you once again for being our eyes in all four corners of the globe. Keep sending us your photos, videos and stories to help us see the world in all its complexity and share stories that go beyond the headlines.

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