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Observer profiles: Meet Sally Bilaly Sow from Guinea

Sally Bilaly Sow is a France 24 Observer from Guinea.
Sally Bilaly Sow is a France 24 Observer from Guinea.


The FRANCE 24 Observers' website is gearing up for a big celebration in December to coincide with our 10th anniversary. To mark the occasion we're interviewing some of our most dedicated global contributors, without whom our site simply wouldn't exist. In the second of our series of profiles we talk to Sally Bilaly Sow, a blogger and activist from Guinea.

Sow is 25 years old and lives in Labé, one of the largest cities in central Guinea. He has been an Observer since 2013. At the time, he was already blogging and working as a local radio journalist. He contacted the France 24 Observers because he wanted to talk about subjects that he thought “weren’t covered enough by the media in Guinea.”

This has included motorcycle trafficking, unsanitary slaughterhouses (article in French), and a citizen initiative to rebuild a bridge (article in French), among other topics.

Sow is also an activist. He recently launched a project called Villageois 2.0 ("Villager 2.0"), which aims to create a space for young Guineans to express themselves and keep authorities accountable for their use of public funds.

During a recent visit to Paris, we asked him to share his most memorable moments as a FRANCE 24 Observer.

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