Iranian soldier dedicates video of IS group captive to comic

Screengrab from the videos.
Screengrab from the videos.


Iranian comedian Seyed Jalal found himself in an improbable situation when he received several videos from one of his fans, who happens to be a member of Iran’s  Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. In the videos -- which the soldier dedicated to Jalal -- the soldier humiliates a captured Islamic State group fighter by making him, among other things, repeat Jalal’s stage name.

Seyed Jalal, often known by his alias Dooblor, is a popular Instagrammer in Iran, with around 150,000 followers. His speciality is dubbing videos with humorous voiceovers. He puts his own touch on everything -- from animal videos to videos of Donald Trump.

Among Jalal’s followers, apparently, is an Iranian Revolutionary Guard who is currently on the ground in either Syria or Iraq. [Editor’s note: The soldier didn’t specify his location in the videos he sent Jalal.] The enthusiastic fan decided to show his appreciation for the comedian by sending in videos.

Jalal posted the videos as a “story” on Instagram, adding his own responses. In the first video, the Revolutionary Guard is seen holding a blindfolded captive, and saying to the camera: "Seyed Jalal, we captured a little member of IS for you. Look, man-- he can no longer do the crap he was doing. He can’t do anything. Dear Seyed Jalal, I love you”.

In the second video, the Revolutionary Guard forces his victim to repeat “Dooblor” (Jalal’s stage name) several times over.

In a third video, the comedian writes a caption asking the soldier to give the prisoner some water -- and we duly see him hold a bottle of water up for the prisoner to drink.

Watch a compilation of the three videos.

Jalal also wrote on the video that he was planning on deleting the story he had posted. "This man took the lives of many people, but look, he’s just like a mouse in a cage once the guys arrested him,” Jalal wrote.

Numerous videos have been made by Syrian or Iraqi soldiers showing them humiliating suspected IS group captives. However, this is the first time that a video has emerged showing an Iranian soldier doing such a thing. The Iranian government has long denied having combat troops in Iraq or Syria.