'Trump Fish': Iraqi Kurdish diner named after US president-elect


A new fish joint with an unusual name opened up in Duhok, a city in Iraqi Kurdistan, in mid-November. The restaurant is named after the American president-elect Donald Trump and uses his face as a logo. 'Trump Fish' serves grilled fish and is surfing on the wave of popularity for the American billionaire.

A local news source called the Duhok Post shared several photos of the fish shop.

These photos were posted online by the Duhok Post

During his presidential campaign, the Republican candidate said on several occasions that he was in favour of independence for Iraqi Kurdistan. He also vowed to beat the Islamic State group, views that led many Iraqi Kurds to celebrate when Trump won the American presidential election on November 8, 2016.

However, even though Trump said he was a “big fan of the Kurds”, he also expressed sympathy for the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Under Hussein’s leadership, the Iraqi regime carried out a genocidal campaign against the Kurds. In 1988, an estimated 5,000 Kurdish people were slaughtered during the Halabja massacre when Iraqi forces used chemical weapons, including mustard gas, against civilians.

Photo credit: Duhok Post

Despite Trump’s contradictory positions and declarations, his fans in Iraqi Kurdistan remain devoted. And the fish shop isn’t the only thing that has chosen him as its namesake. Indeed, local media reported that several parents have opted to name their newborn sons Trump.