Photoshop fail after Tunisian minister shows too much leg


Did the Tunisian minister of Youth and Sports show a little too much leg? Several photos of Minister Majdouline Cherni recently posted on her Facebook page show that her dress was obviously digitally lengthened to cover her knees.

It’s the coffee table that gives the minister away. If you look at the glass top, the reflection shows her bare knees-- even though her legs look covered in the photo. If that doesn’t give it away, there’s also the fact that her lengthened skirt looks like it's been scribbled on.

The photo posted on the Minister of Youth and Sports' Facebook page.

This is a zoomed-in version of the previous photo, which shows the reflection of the minister’s bare knees in the glass top of the coffee table. 

A quick online search turned up another set of photos of the minister, which were posted on the same day. Cherni wore the same grey dress to a meeting with the president of Tunisia’s National Automobile Club. Once again, her dress was digitally lengthened before the photos were posted.

The photoshopping was particularly sloppy on one photo (see below). If you look closely, you can see a ghostly duplicate of the top of a glass of water off to the side. This is pretty certain proof that someone copied part of her dress to paste it over her knees. Unfortunately for them, they also copied and pasted part of the decor. Aside from that, the three identical folds along her leg also look pretty suspicious.

In this photo, which was posted on the Minister’s Facebook page, you can see that the top of her glass of water was partially copied and pasted next to her dress.

Here’s the same photo, zoomed in on the duplicated glass.

So who digitally altered the minister’s dress? Was it her own photographer? If so, did he do it at her bidding? France 24 contacted the ministry to find out. Not a single official at the ministry was available to answer our questions.