US voting: The most striking amateur images


As US voters head to the polls, the FRANCE 24 Observers team has gathered some of the most striking images being shared online. We will update this article as the day goes on.

Long and winding lines

Voters are sharing images of seriously impressive lines at polling stations, like here, in Virginia:

And here, in Brooklyn, New York:

A topless protest

There was a bit of a ruckus at a polling station in Manhattan, where two women took off their shirts. They had written slogans on their bare skin: “Hate out of my polls” and “Trump, grab your balls”, an apparent reference to the Republican candidate’s hot mic recording in which he boasted of grabbing women’s genitalia.

The two women were promptly arrested.

A malfunctioning machine

Like every year, there were reports that machines were broken at some stations, and that people had to vote the old-fashioned way, putting pen to paper. However, one amateur video showed a particularly frustrating machine malfunction: a voter in Pennsylvania could not pick his preferred candidate, which in his case was Trump. No matter how many times he pressed on the Republican ticket, the machine registered his vote for the Democrats. 

He explained that a poll worker came over and fixed the issue, and he was able to cast his vote. County officials later told local media that the technical glitch had been fixed on five malfunctioning machines, and that there was no indication that any votes were incorrectly logged. 

A grave-side salute

After casting their ballots, hundreds of women headed to the grave of famed sufragette Susan B. Anthony, in Rochester, New York. They lined up to put their “I Voted” stickers on her tombstone. Anthony was a civil rights leader who helped women obtain the right to vote in the United States. More than a century after her death, Hillary Clinton supporters are now hoping to elect the first female president in the history of the country.

Images courtesy of Steve Ewin

Illegal ballot pics

One of Trump’s sons, Eric Trump, posted a photo of his ballot (and yes, you guessed it, he voted for his father). The only problem: he cast his ballot in New York, which is one of several states where it is illegal to photograph your ballot.

The younger Trump quickly deleted his Tweet, but too late – many media outlets had already captured screen grabs… But if past cases are any indication (for example: Justin Timberlake), he is unlikely to face any legal action.

Voting in… Kenya?

Meanwhile in Kenya, videos emerged of a rather unusual polling station...

This was a mock poll held in K’Ogelo, the village from which which Barack Obama’s father hails. Which explains why they’re taking this election very seriously…

Our sources in K’Ogelo say the polls have already closed there – and that Clinton won by a landslide.