Chinese police punish careless drivers by making them stare into headlights


Traffic police in the Chinese city of Shenzhen have brought back a controversial punishment for drivers who leave their main car lights on: they are forced to stare into their own headlights for a minute.

The traffic police department in this city located just north of Hong Kong released a statement on its official Weibo account warning drivers of what awaited them were they to use their high beams illegally. Aside for the one-minute of staring into blinding lights, they would be also made to recite several lines on the safe use of headlights. Offenders would also be fined and lose points on their licence. The post got 87,000 likes and was shared 93,000 times.

The police are serious: they even had a special, lime-green chair made for the blinding punishment.

Photo posted on Weibo. 

The Shenzhen traffic police force first used this controversial punishment back in 2014 and it was widely covered by international media. This time round, social media users seemed to be largely in favour of it, according to Chinese media. Some, however, did worry about permanent damage to people’s eyes.

This is far from the only unique idea emanating from this rather quirky traffic police department. Chinese media has reported on their initiative to shame jaywalkers by making them wear awkward green hats and vests. They’ve also reported on rather unconvincing dummy policemen stationed by the roadside.