Ghanaians drink orange juice to show support for opposition


Drinking orange juice has become political in Ghana. Many Ghanaians are posting photos of themselves drinking Kalyppo-brand orange juice on social networks in a show of support for Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, an opposition candidate in the upcoming presidential elections.

It all started with a rather unflattering photograph of the candidate, who belongs to the New Patriotic Party (Nouveau parti patriotique, or NPP). In it, he is drinking a Ghanaian brand of orange juice that is marketed to children. The photo was first shared by several social media accounts belonging to supporters of the party currently in power, the National Democratic Congress. They made fun of him for enjoying this sugary kids’ drink at his age – he is 72 years old.

However, other internet users quickly struck back by using this photograph to showcase their support for Akufo-Addo. On Facebook and Twitter, they posted hundreds of photos and videos under the hashtag #Kalyppo Challenge.

Many of them took selfies of themselves drinking Kalyppo orange juice.

Others took the challenge one step further and dreamt up new uses for Kalyppo, for example using it to take showers, charge their mobile phones, or even power their cars…

The Facebook page “Kalyppo Movement for Nana” has curated some of the funniest images.


Our Observer Samira Abdallah, 27, took part in the Kalyppo challenge.

Samira published this photo on Twitter. 

When I saw this challenge start to pop up on social networks, I found it hilarious and decided to join in the fun. But above all, I wanted to show my support for Akufo-Addo.

I really enjoyed the idea of transforming something that was at first perceived as a weakness – the fact that the candidate was drinking a kids’ drink – into an advantage. Today, it’s become a symbol for the NPP’s campaign.

According to the NPP’s spokesman, Mustapha Hamid, this campaign has led to Kalyppo selling out in certain stores. However, we were not able to verify this claim.

What’s certain is that the Kalyppo brand benefitted from lots of free publicity, for which it gave thanks on its Facebook page.

"Kalyppo Juice wants to say thank you to ALL of Ghana for the love. We love you too. Support Made in Ghana. Vote peacefully."

Many thanks to our Observer Kenn A. Carr for spotting this story and alerting the France 24 Observers team!