Egyptian activists recently took to the streets of Cairo to crack eggs on the heads of men who bragged about inappropriately touching women.

They essentially set a trap to catch men who admit to harassing women. They began by just starting casual conversations with men on the street. They chatted with them for a while, to put them at ease. Then, the activists ask a few targeted questions about street harassment. Often, the men they were talking to actually started bragging about touching women. When this happened, that was the activists’ cue to crack an egg on the person’s head.

All the aggressors they talked to were quite young – most were teenagers or very young men.

To see subtitles on the video, click on the little rectangle on the bottom right-hand side of the viewer.

One of the activists who took part in this video is none other than Egyptian comedian Shady Hussein. He appears on camera in the first few seconds of the video (he is the one without glasses).

Hussein has earned quite a reputation in Egypt for his daring jokes, which have landed him in handcuffs more than once. In January 2016, he filmed himself handing out blown-up condoms to policemen in Cairo. That video earned him a short stint in prison.

Sexual harassment in Egypt is widespread. A shocking 99% of women in Egypt have experienced sexual harassment, according to a 2013 UN report.