Why Belarusians are getting naked at work


Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko made a cringeworthy slip of the tongue when he asked citizens to “undress” at work in a recent speech. Unfortunately for Lukashenko, no one is going to forget his words anytime soon, especially as Belarusians have decided to rub it in a little bit by taking his advice literally.

While giving a speech at a forum on innovation and new information technologies on June 23, Lukashenko declared: “We must, in short, undress and work". What he apparently meant to say was “We must, in short, develop and work”. In Belarusian, the words “undress” and “develop” sound alike.

Since then, Belarusians have posted dozens of photos showing themselves naked at their workplace: be it at a desk, behind an industrial oven in a restaurant kitchen or even on a construction site. This tongue-in-cheek campaign was launched on Friday, June 24 (the day after the president’s fateful words) under the hashtag #getnakedandwork (#‎раздеватьсяиработать).

"We can’t disobey #getnakedandwork. At work, in the midst of an interview with Doroshenko Kostyantyn".

#раздеватьсяиработать #беларусь #минск #it #performance #irm #irmcreative

Une photo publiée par IRM Creative ( le

"#getnakedandwork #belarus #minsk #it #performance #irm #irmcreative"

#getnakedandwork and we’re following the recommendation! #pistachios #colleauges #friends"

#раздеватьсяиработать Брат в Гомеле живёт, подсказал как от жары спасаться)

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"#getnakedandwork. My brother lives in Homel (a city in Belarus), this is how he beats the heat."

Не забывайте, что нужно делать в эти дни #eventstudiobonbon #раздеватьсяиработать

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By deciding to interpret literally the awkward command given by the man considered to be Europe’s last dictator, these Belarusians found a creative way to make fun of their president’s despotic rule.

In power since 1994, Lukashenko has widely restricted freedom of expression and thrown dozens of his opponents into prison.