“Undress, and we’ll see if you’re a woman”: Policeman’s rant scandalises China


A Chinese police officer has angered Chinese internet users after a video showing him spouting misogynistic and obscene statements started circulating online a week ago.

The officer had just arrested two women who refused to show their ID cards in Bao’an, a district located near Shenzhen (a city in southern China that is close to Hong Kong). The two women sitting in the back of the police car started filming the officer after they asked why they had been arrested and he launched into a startling rant.

The officer makes many offensive statements, including:

Yes, I arrested you because you are beautiful! (…) I think you are a man, so take off your clothes so we can see if that’s the case (…). You’ll see, I’m going to put you in prison with thieves and people who have AIDS (…).

When the video of the police officer’s rant was published on social media, it provoked such a scandal that the Bao’an police announced the officer had been suspended and an investigation had been opened. The director of the local police force even offered his apologies to the two women for his officer’s behaviour.

This is far from the first scandal tarnishing the reputation of the Chinese police. Several have emerged in the last few weeks. Earlier this month, Wu Liangshu, a lawyer in Guangxi, alleged that police officers had torn off his clothes in a courtroom. A photo showing the half-naked lawyer provoked a debate about use of excessive force by law enforcement.

And early last month, a well-known ecologist from Beijing named Lei Yang died after being arrested by five police officers. According to law enforcement, he was arrested on suspicions that he had hired a prostitute. His family denies this account and says that the police used excessive violence during his arrest.