Burmese actor arrested for anti-military graffiti


If his goal was to be noticed, this Burmese actor definitely succeeded. Tun Lin Thein was arrested on Wednesday in Rangoon for having painted his car with insults aimed at the army, including “military bastards” and “screw those idiotic policemen and soldiers”. Social media users immediately started sharing photos of his car, which was impounded after the incident.

Photos published by Zaw Linn on Facebook.

According to the Chief of Police in Kamayut, the district where the actor was arrested, Tun Lin Thein was reeling from a bad break-up.

"At about 3 a.m., he was found sleeping in his car. His girlfriend is the daughter of a military officer. We learned that his relationship with his girlfriend soured, so he expressed his feelings on his car with a spray can. We are still investigating the incident," said Police Major Zaw Win, quoted on the Burmese site Eleven Myanmar.

The actor was charged with making defamatory remarks against the military as well as driving without a licence or vehicle registration.

In Burma, you can end up paying a heavy price for making fun of authorities. Take the trial of poet Maung Saungkha, which is currently underway. His offense? Having written this colourful verse:

On my manhood rests a tattooed

portrait of Mr. President

My beloved found that out after

we wed

She was utterly gutted,