Egypt’s president: just 100,000 US dollars on eBay


"I swear to God if I could be sold [to help Egypt’s economy], then I would be sold, " Egyptian president Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi declared Monday, during a televised speech. He was announcing a new development plan called Egypt 2030, which includes asking citizens for donations to boost the economy.

Internet users widely mocked him, and one even put the field marshal up for sale on eBay, with a starting bid of 100,000 US dollars. Potential buyers even asked questions about the “merchandise”.

A potential buyer asks: “I’m thinking of buying him, but I need the footboard that Morsi took with him. Did Sisi inherit Morsi’s footboard or not?” (Here, the commenter is referencing a 2013 speech by Sisi in which he claimed that ousted president Mohamed Morsi had “used democracy as a footboard” to attain power.)

The vendor replies: “No need for a footboard – Sisi knows how to hang on tight.” (Sisi rose to power after the Egyptian revolution. In May 2014, he was elected president with 96 percent of the vote – a result disputed by the opposition.

At least 106 people had tried to “buy” the president on eBay before the page was taken down.