Attention Lady Gaga: your next dress is in Iran


Lady Gaga might want to look to Iran for her next dress. Photos of a Gaga-esque fashion show at a Iranian university have been making a splash on social media – and have angered hardliners, who have criticised the students’ creations as “un-Islamic”.

Last week, students at an all-women’s university in Tehran, Al Zahra, staged a private fashion show. Their creations were designed, tailored and modeled by the students themselves. Photos of the event spread on social media, and quickly attracted negative attention from conservative media outlets. While the dresses didn’t let any skin show, they were considered too “modern” and “Western”.

Speaking to a student newspaper, Al Zahra University’s director, Mansour Hesami, defended the fashion show: “The dresses and the show were part of a class project – it was a completely private show. There were no men in attendance; as everyone knows, the students of this university are all women. Photos of this event were not supposed to be published. Unfortunately, someone broke this rule, and in doing so acted immorally.”

This incident comes amid a battle between hardliners and more moderate politicians in Iran’s government over what cultural events should be allowed. Just last week, a street theatre carnival in the northern city of Rasht led to the detention of the deputy mayor. He was released after a day.