A rare audio message released by the elusive leader of Islamic State group has been ridiculed by hundreds of Twitter users, including dozens of Muslims. The recording, released by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on Boxing Day, calls on Muslims around the world to rise up and join his band of jihadists wreaking havoc in Syria and Iraq. Unfortunately for al-Baghdadi, most of them already have ‘plans’.

It's the first time the self-styled leader of the so-called ‘caliphate’ has been heard from since May. In the 24-minute recording, he taunts Western countries for not sending ground troops to confront the terrorist group in Syria and threatens to carry out attacks in Israel. He also calls on Muslims to take up arms and join the fight.

But his message was perhaps taken less seriously than he may have hoped.

The audio recording was translated by activist Iyad el-Baghdadi, who isn't related to IS group's leader and doesn't support the terrorist group.

Here are some of the responses on Twitter:

Will we be done by 8pm?

Sorry, it's Christmas.

Busy watching Star Wars.

Need to beat the bad guy in Fallout 4 first.

Would rather watch horror movies.

For others, engineering works were getting in the way.

And for this Leicester City fan, football and jihad just don't mix.