Photo of anti-Muslim attack victim in Germany a fake


The photo of a man covered in blood, sitting on a tram in Kassel, Germany, has been circulated widely on social media over the past few days. The description accompanying the photo describes the man as a Muslim who was recently attacked by a group of neo-Nazis. However, this is false.

The photo was indeed taken in Kassel, but it actually dates back to February. It was published in the local newspaper HNA. The article explained that, contrary to rumours that were already circulating at the time, the bloodied man was not attacked by neo-Nazis. He had in fact gotten in to a fight with a man who, like him, is Algerian.

Following the Paris terrorist attacks – and a rise in Islamophobic incidents – this photo and the fake rumour reappeared on social networks, notably on Facebook and Twitter. This is yet another example of why readers should be careful with images they see circulating online, especially those linked to the terrorist attacks.

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