In photos: Bomb attacks in China’s Guangxi province


Photos and videos emerging online show the aftermath of a series of at least a dozen blasts that rocked Liucheng county in China’s Guangxi province on Wednesday afternoon. Authorities believe that the bombs were placed in express-delivery parcels, and have asked local residents not open any parcels received by mail.

Local residents received text messages asking them to refrain from opening parcels. 

At least seven people have been killed, and dozens more injured. The blasts occurred at Liucheng county's government offices and surrounding sites, including a prison, a supermarket, a transport station, a shopping mall, a vegetable market, and a hospital.

Police say they have identified a suspect, a local 33-year-old man whom they are now searching for. According to their preliminary investigation, the suspect had been involved in a medical dispute, making revenge a possible motive.