Video: A policeman tries to fleece tourists at Tunisian airport


A video that has been widely shared on Facebook shows a tense exchange between a family of French-speaking tourists and a police officer, who apparently fleeces money from them in a Tunisian airport. The director of Djerba airport confirmed to France 24 that the scene did in fact take place there.

#فضيحةفضيحة من العيار الثقيل ..بوليس تونسي في مطار جربة يسرق 1000 اورو من حقيبة امرأة فرنسية و يشقلو بيه .. شوهة و تلحليح باش ما يصوروهشالى متى ستعاني تونس من مثل هذا النوع من الفسّاد ؟؟انشر و افضح جدّ بوه الكلب

Posted by ‎الحملة الشعبية لمساندة المنصف المرزوقي رئيسا لتونس‎ on Thursday, 3 September 2015

"Give us back our money, and I'll delete the photo"

The footage, which lasts a minute and a half, was filmed by one of the two sons of the couple in the video. While the entire conversation isn’t audible, it appears that the police officer was trying to extort money from these tourists. Several times, the couple asks him to “give back the money”, and that if he does they will “erase the photo”. “If you give us back the money, we’ll erase it”, says the man at the start of the video. The couple may have taken a photo of the officer after they realised he was trying to steal money from them, in order to denounce him.

Contacted by France 24, the director of Djerba-Zanzis airport confirmed that this video, which started circulating online on Thursday, was filmed at the airport on July 16. He says he is “sure” that the tourists were “swindled”. “It’s unfortunate”, he says, but added: “The video is not clear; we need more information, as there might have been other people involved”. Representatives for the border police, meanwhile, said they had “heard of the video”, but had not watched it.

At the end of the video, the woman tells the police officer: “Everyone is looking at you.” She then raises her voice, and yells so that everyone around can hear her: “Please, listen up!” She threatens to “cause a scandal”, after which the police officer seems to change his attitude and asks the couple to follow him. The video stops there…

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