Why Syrians are sending love letters to Germany’s Angela Merkel


German Chancellor Angela Merkel has just won herself a lot of new fans. This week’s announcement that Germany would no longer be holding Syrian refugees subject to the Dublin Regulation – meaning that they can stay in Germany, and won’t be sent back to the EU country they first entered – has earned her and her country countless declarations of love from Syrians on social media.


In German: "We love you!" In Arabic: "Angela Merkel deserves thanks for suspending the Dublin Regulation. I would love to meet her some day"

Wir lieben dich منحبك 󾁁☺️

Posted by Hesen Bawlii on Wednesday, August 26, 2015
A love song to Merkel.

Germany has said it expects to take in an estimated 800,000 total refugees by the end of 2015, nearly doubling estimates made earlier this year. The interior minister has called it a “challenge” but insisted that Germany “is not overwhelmed”. Some Germans disagree, notably the far-right, which has staged a series of protests. But others have warmly welcomed refugees,  as can be seen for example in this video of the greeting received by a bus full of Syrians: