Costa Rica’s ‘narco-pigeon’, a social media darling


On August 12, Costa Rican authorities discovered a dangerous criminal previously unknown to them: the “narco-pigeon.”

This pigeon was flying regularly between a prison in the capital San José and an unknown location, carrying a small bag containing 14 grammes of cocaine and 14 grammes of marijuana.

The drug mule pigeon, a technique widely used in prisons in Colombia, quickly became the darling of social media users in Costa Rica. Many created spoofs featuring the jailbird.

"I swear, officer, it isn’t mine", says "narco-pigeon".

“Narco-pigeon” is reading a book entitled "How to dig a tunnel" by Joaquin El Chapo Guzman, a Mexican drug trafficker who recently escaped from prison using this technique.

"Thug life". 


"Son of a b****, they told me it was sugar!”

"When you are partying with your friends and your order arrives via ‘narco-pigeon’”.

"Photos of ‘narco-pigeon’ have surfaced, as he waits for the court’s ruling, due later this morning."


"Hundreds of pigeons protested on San José’s Plaza de la Cultura to demand the release of ‘narco-pigeon’”.