Odd sighting: Taxi takes pedestrian bridge in Dakar

All photos by Romuald Taylor via
All photos by Romuald Taylor via


A taxi driver in Dakar was sick of being stuck in traffic. So he decided to try something new... and took the pedestrian overpass.

The roads of Senegal’s capital were flooded over the weekend, bringing traffic to a crawl. This taxi driver evidently ran out of patience. Unfortunately for him, a photographer caught him in the act, and the photos were shared by numerous local media outlets.

Photos taken by Romuald Taylor via

This part of the capital is often flooded during the rainy season. However, Romuald Taylor, the photos’ author, says this is the first time he has seen something like this:

I drive by all the time, and I have never seen a car take this route! Often, you’ll see motorbikes take the overpass, but I never thought a car could fit. After the taxi went through, at least a dozen other cars followed him, including other taxis!

The photos went viral, and some internet users have even called on the police to track down the rule-breaking drivers by using their license plate numbers, which are visible in the original photos.