Newly-planted flowers uprooted after Obama’s Kenya visit


Kenya’s capital Nairobi underwent a major makeover before US President Barak Obama came to visit last week. The city spent 50 million shillings (nearly 450,000 euros) to do road maintenance and plant trees, grass and flowers along the roads the president would travel.

The city’s beautification efforts got underway just days before Obama’s arrival, prompting the local governor, Evans Kidero, to plead for people to keep off the newly-sowed grass – and leading to widespread mocking on social media, under the hashtag #KideroGrass.

And now that the momentous visit has passed, the grass and flowers are being removed. A video that has gone video on social media shows workers uprooting the plants.

The flowers that were planted ahead of Obama's visit are now being removed. Kidero applied lipstick on the Nairobi corpse and now he is busy removing the lipstick. Waste of taxpayers cash. Nairobi government had set aside Sh50 million to beautify the city ahead of President Obama’s arrival.

Posted by Boniface Mwangi on Thursday, July 30, 2015

In the face of virulent criticism from Nairobi residents, the governor's office has insisted that the greenery is here to say, explaining that the contractor was “restoring the ground in order to do proper planting since that was unfinished work”. Unfinished indeed – the flowers being uprooted in the video still had their plastic wrappings!

Meanwhile, #KideroGrass continues to trend on Twitter in Kenya...