Activists in Chile launch “accidental” abortions campaign


Chile is one of seven countries in the world to totally ban abortion. As part of a campaign to promote women’s rights, a Chilean organisation has launched a shocking series of video tutorials showing women how to “accidentally” abort.

In the grisly tutorials, one young woman throws herself down the stairs after having made sure that there are no security cameras. Another crosses the street during a green light just as there is an oncoming car. These are two methods for illegal abortion “recommended” by the Miles Chile organisation in their video campaign.

"These are deliberately violent fictional scenes created to spark debate,” said Claudia Dides, the president of Miles Chile, when interviewed by CNN Chile. This provocative campaign, however, does highlight a reality: in Chile, accidental abortions are the only “legal method” to end a pregnancy.


The group is campaigning for the legalisation of therapeutic abortion, or legal termination of a pregnancy when the mother’s life is in danger or the child has severe birth defects. Since the videos were published online two weeks ago, they have been viewed more than 100,000 times and have sparked heated reactions across social media. The hashtag #LEYabortoTERAPEUTICO has been widely shared across Twitter.

"A woman who is raped should not be forced to choose between dying or giving birth.” #therapeuticabortionlaw"

"We are calling on the Chilean congress to do everything in their power to accept the #therapeuticabortionlaw #mybodymyrights"

In this highly conservative South American country, abortion has been banned in all cases since 1989, when a law was passed under Pinochet’s rule (1974-1990). On January 31, 2015, President Michelle Bachelet drafted a bill legalising therapeutic abortion. The bill has not yet been considered by congress, but legislators have already refused several times to legalise this medical act. Currently, the penalty for having an abortion in Chile is up to five years in prison.

Post written with FRANCE 24 journalist Amira Bouziri (@AmiraB22).