Artist creates weapon of 'mass instruction'


Photo taken by Nadia Cespedes and posted on Twitter.

The Argentinian artist Raul Lemesoff has taken the expression "knowledge is a weapon" and transformed it quite literally into a work of art. Using hundreds of books and an old 1979 Ford Falcon, the artist has created what he calls a "weapon of mass instruction" - a tank-shaped vehicle that he uses to criss-cross towns and cities across Argentina to hand out some 900 books to his fellow citizens.

Photo taken by Federico Somoza and posted on Twitter.

Raul Lemesoff told FRANCE 24 that his goal was to "fight ignorance and spread knowledge", adding that "the importance of this weapon of mass instruction must be considered on a global scale. We live in a world in which men don't think anymore. They don't use their imagination anymore because it's much easier to switch on the television and forget what's happening in the real world."

Photo taken by Djambrina and posted on Twitter.

As ambitious as his project may already sound, Raul Lemesoff doesn't plan on stopping in his own country. He also intends to come to Paris, where he says he'll build a new "art tank" later this year.

Photo taken by Romina Calderaro and posted on Twitter.

Post written with FRANCE 24 journalist Anissa Jalab.